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Hello. My name is Christine Stapleton and I am mentally ill. I have depression, bipolar and alcoholism (I hit the trifecta.) I am also an investigative reporter, single mom,  bicycle commuter, rotten cook and proud owner of "Dog". About three years ago, after coming out of a major depression, I decided to write a weekly column about mental illness for The Palm Beach Post, where I have worked for 23 years.  Some of my columns are about my own experience with alcoholism, depression 

and  bipolar. Others are about policy issues - such as insurance parity - promising research, current events and, of course, stigma. My columns are distributed by Cox News Network and the New York Times Syndicate and are published weekly in newspapers and web sites throughout the United States and Canada.  I also write a blog for Please enjoy my website and share your thoughts in my guest book. Thanks for coming. I'm glad you're here.

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"Hoping for a Happy Ending"   Weekly column in The Palm Beach Post 


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Hoping for a Happy Ending: a journalist's story of depression, bipolar and alcoholism

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